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Apartment Ratings Websites

As a Houston apartment locator who has been in the industry for well over a decade, I have literally visited hundreds, if not thousands, of apartments all over Houston. I have seen everything from the most disgusting rat hole that I wouldn’t send my worst enemy to, to the most luxurious apartment dwellings you could ever imagine— the places only a millionaire could afford! I feel that gives me huge insight as to the quality of the apartments in the greater Houston area.

Recently, I’ve had a few clients tell me of some horror stories they ran across on some of the Web site for apartment ratings in Houston, TX, that are ever-increasing in popularity. I decided to take some time and check it out. Unfortunately, I was a bit disturbed by most of the information I ran across.

Make Sure You Choose the Right Apartment Locators in Houston, TX
What I have found as a Houston apartment locator is that, while a rare few individuals have made a point to leave objective favorable results, that is just NOT the norm. By and large, the “ratings” that are left are by the individuals that have had unpleasant experiences with a Houston apartment complex for one reason or another—i.e., squeaky wheels! In general, people tend to be more likely to say something when they have strong negative feelings than when they have positive feelings.

Are these people telling the truth? Perhaps they are, but perhaps there are two sides to the story (isn't there always?) I looked up several Houston apartments that I have visited personally. Much to my dismay, I found COUNTLESS complaints against apartments that I know for a fact are "A PLUS" properties. These are gorgeous top notch properties that bend over backwards to please and RETAIN clients and apartments where we have had MANY satisfied clients.

What's the deal? Perhaps the leasing agent at that Houston property was just having a hectic day. Haven't we all? Perhaps the property owner or apartment manager were never made aware of the problem, therefore, never had a chance to rectify the situation?

Now, this is not to say that all Houston apartment complexes are innocent – of COURSE they are not. All I am saying is "are you getting the full story?"

That’s what I dislike about those websites. They are full of bias and property owners and apartment managers owners don’t have an opportunity to defend themselves or give their side of the story. The majority of the "complaints" I read appeared biased and were unfair assessments of the properties in question - in my humble opinion.

My best advice is this – call one of our Houston apartment locators at Renters Resource. Why take advice from someone with an "axe to grind" when you could have objective unbiased information from one of our professional EXPERIENCED apartment locators. Our agents have a minimum amount of locating experience in this industry that exceeds ten years (several over 25 years!)

We are out and about visiting Houston apartment complexes daily and we really know the Houston apartment market. We would love nothing more than to help you weed through the “bad” properties and send you only to apartments that have reputable management companies. We know the properties that really want to please their apartment residents!

It’s OUR MISSION to send you, our clients, to properties that are going to best suit YOUR needs and make YOU happy. Give us a try!

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