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2 story ivory brick buildings with gray siding.

7520 Cook
Houston, TX 77072

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Floorplans & Pricing

 Beds/Baths   Sq. Ft.   W/D   Water Paid   Elec. Paid   Price  Availability
1/1  657 none no no $644 Check now»
2/1  --790 none no no $814 Check now»
2/1.5 TH 1087 none no no $814 Check now»
2/2  935 none no no $784 Check now»
2/2  935 none no no $814 Check now»
3/2  1290 none no no $904 Check now»
3/2.5 TH --1322 full/c no no $954 Check now»
* - Some units     /c - connections only     /m - machines

Property Information

School District:

Local Schools:

Pools: 1
Laundry Rooms: 2

Built: 1973 Remodeled: 2008

   Terms: 12 months
   App. Fee: $40
   Deposit: 150-350
   Income: 2.50 X RENT

   Basic Cable: charge
   Premium Ch: charge

W/D Rent: Not Available

Pet Deposit
   300/ 150 NR FEE
   30 pounds max.
   Big Dogs OK

   Credit Check Required
   No Cosigners
   Corporate Leases Available

Bus Availability
   On School Bus Route
   On Metro Bus Route

Un-assigned Parking

   Privacy Fence
   Entrance Gate

   Gym / Exercise Room
   Play Area

   Frost-free Refrigerators: all

   Ceiling Fans: all
   Patio / Balcony: some

   High-speed Internet

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