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Packing Tips

Packing Boxes
Materials needed for packing boxes: several good, big, black permanent markers; lots of paper to wrap your breakables in; masking tape; friends or people who owe you favors; boxes; boxes; boxes; boxes; more boxes.

moving packing list Procedures and Packing Tips
Buy the markers from your grocery store and get everything going to need for the move and on your packing list in one trip.

Get your packing boxes: After you shop for your moving supplies, check behind the store. Most stores will have a plethora of great boxes (unless someone's beaten you to them). The local liquor store is a great place to get boxes as well.

Get packing paper: If you're living in an apartment in Houston, there's usually a "paper only" recycle bin next to the mail boxes. Raid this first, and then gather up old newspapers.

Convince your friends (or those who you've helped move in the past) to come over and help you move to your new apartment in Houston. The more people you have, the faster things will get done.

A few tips before you start filling boxes

  • Do not pack things in trash bags.... especially if you have a lot of people helping you move to your new apartment in Houston. Someone will throw the bags away.
  • Don't just mark boxes KITCHEN, or BEDROOM. Break things down into sub-categories. It's easy to do and makes unpacking a breeze. For example you might have KITCHEN - Dishes and Silverware; BEDROOM - Sheets and Comforter, etc.
  • When you move boxes, you'll be stacking them, so don't just write the contents on the top of boxes, write them on every side.
  • Wait as long as you can to pack your stereo or T.V. You'll want entertainment while you're packing for your move to you new apartment in Houston.
  • To protect glasses from breaking, wad up paper to shove inside and then wrap the glasses in several sheets of newspaper.
  • Don't forget to wad up paper to shove between breakables.

Pack 'til you can't pack any more!
Hopefully, these little tidbits will help you pack for your next move.

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