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Relocating Your Pet Checklist

Relocation professionals know that sometimes the most challenging aspect about relocating transferees to an apartment rental in Houston, Texas, can be accommodating the special needs of their families.

For workers given assignments abroad, relocating family and possessions can be a daunting process. Moreover, moving the family pet to your new apartment is a process regulated by complex and differing rules in each country, which can further complicate the ordeal.

Understanding Pet Relocation in Apartment Rental Housing
It is important to understand all the implications of relocating your pet to your new apartment rental in Houston. Below is a checklist that can help ease the stress of relocating the family dog or cat.

First, it is recommended that you find out about the rules and regulations for your relocation destination to weigh the pros and cons of bringing your pet or leaving it with a family member. Consider how either choice will affect the family members, as well as the pet.

Pre-Trip Checklist for Going to Pet-Friendly Apartments in Houston:

  • Find out the rules and regulations for vaccinations and/or quarantining
  • Consider the cost of transportation, vaccinations and quarantining
  • Get a list of recommended veterinarians, groomers and boarding kennels (if required)
  • Visit the offices and kennels

how to relocate pets Packing Checklist to Prepare for Your Apartment Rental Housing:

  • During the pre-move to your apartment, place your pet in a crate out of the traffic of the movers
  • Take time during the packing to play and pay attention to the pet
  • Keep a copy of your pet’s medical records with you
  • Pack enough pet food and treats for several days
  • Put together a carry-on bag with fresh food, treats, water, water bowls and a leash
  • Have important documents on your-vet’s name and phone number, plus a photo of your pet

Traveling Checklist:

  • Feed your pet at least four to 6 hours prior to departure
  • Give your pet water before departing
  • Do not use tranquilizers
  • Pad the bottom of the crate with plenty of newspapers
  • Place dry food and treats in a re-sealable bag and tape it to the outside of the traveling crate

Excerpted and rephrased from The National Relocation & Real Estate Magazine

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