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Renting With Pets

It's disappointing when the only thing holding someone back from perfect apartments for rent in Houston, Texas, is a "no pets allowed" clause. Rather than going through the extra effort of finding a Houston apartment complex that fits their personal criteria and accepts their pet, some people think they have no other choice than to leave Fido or Fifi behind. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has created a Web site dedicated to easing the difficulties of finding a great Houston apartment complex that will welcome both you and your pet.

According to the Humane Society, moving and the rental property owner won't allow are the top reasons given by pet owners when relinquishing their dogs or cats to animal shelters.

Making an extra effort to find apartments for rent in Houston that will accept you along with your pet may be time consuming. However, HSUS points out the benefits of pet ownership:
Pets provide companionship in furnished apartments in Houston. There are few things more satisfying than the attention and affection of a good friend. Wagging tails, contented purrs, and adoring looks are all ways companion animals communicate with people and demonstrate their devotion. Many people talk to their pets and consider them members of the family.

Pets give us someone to care for. When you add up the small daily acts of caring for a pet - feeding, grooming, exercising - the sum total is a pet owner with a feeling of being needed. Having that sense of purpose and responsibility is a valuable learning tool for children and can help fight loneliness, boredom, and depression, especially in the elderly or socially isolated.

Pets help people be more sociable. People out walking their dogs on property have a greater tendency to socialize with passersby; their pets give them security and provide a ready-made topic for conversation.  Even among families and friends, pets provide a focus of conversation and activity.

Pets stimulate exercise. Pets promote vitality through active exercise - such as brisk walking through your apartment complex and outdoor games - or therapy for disabled hands through regular grooming of pets.

Pets comfort with touch. The gentle stroking of a pet can reduce stress and lower blood pressure and, when combined with quiet talk, create a feeling of relaxation, intimacy, and closeness.

Hoping to reduce the number of animals unnecessarily put to sleep, the Humane Society attempts to bridge the gap between reluctant rental property owners and apartment managers and pet lovers by addressing the needs and concerns of both parties.

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