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Security Devices Defined

The Texas rental property code provides the following definitions of security devices for a furnished apartment in Houston and Houston apartment listings in Chapter 92, Subchapter D:

Sliding Door Pin lock means a lock, consisting of a pin or a nail inserted from the interior side of the door of the University of Houston apartments or other complexes, at the side opposite the door’s handle and that is designed to prevent the door from being opened or lifted.

Window latch means a device on a window that prevents the window from being opened and that is operated without a key and only from the interior of Houston-area apartments.

Door viewer means a permanently installed device in an exterior door that allows a person inside the furnished apartment in Houston to view a person outside the door.

Re-key means to change or alter a security device that is operated by a key, card or combination so that a different key, card or combination is necessary to operate the security device.

Sliding door handle latch means a latch or lock:

1. located near the handle on a sliding glass door;
2. operated with or without a key; and
3. designed to prevent the door from being opened.

Sliding door security bar means a bar or rod that can be placed at the bottom of or across the interior side of the fixed panel of a sliding glass door in University of Houston apartments or other complexes and that is designed to prevent the door from being opened.

Apartment resident turnover date means the date a new apartment resident moves into a dwelling under a lease agreement after all previous apartment residents have moved out.

Keyed dead bolt means either:

1. a door lock not in the doorknob that locks with a bolt into the doorjamb and is operated from the exterior by a key, card, or combination and from the interior without a key, card, or combination; or
2. a doorknob lock that contains a bolt with a least a one-inch throw.

Keyless bolting device means a door lock not in the doorknob that either locks:

1. a with a bolt into a strike plate and is operable only by knob or lever from the door’s interior and not in any manner from the door’s exterior, and that is commonly known as a keyless dead bolt;
2. by a drop bolt system operated by placing a central metal plate over a metal door jamb restraint that protrudes from the doorjamb and that is affixed to the doorjamb frame by means of three case-hardened screws at least three inches in length; or
3. by a metal bar or metal tube and secured in place at each end of the bar or tube by heavy-duty metal screw hooks.

A keyless bolting device does not include a chain latch, flip latch, surface-mounted barrel bolt, surface-mounted swing bar door guard, spring-loaded night latch, foot bolt, or other lock or latch.

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