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Things To Pack Last

It's time to organize your packing boxes before you begin leasing an apartment in Houston. Here's a helpful list of packing tips and items to pack last and keep handy. They're the things you'll need to get to first and frequently!

A copy of your apartment lease and personal ID such as a driver's license. And speaking of banking, if you're starting a new checking account (or applying for utilities service) you'll need proof of your new apartment address too.

Cell phone or regular telephone with plug — put these within easy reach.

Sufficient cash. Duh ... But if you're opening a new bank account when leasing an apartment in Houston, you may have to wait for your first check to clear. Traveler's checks wouldn't hurt, either.

Cleaning materials. Especially paper towels and an all purpose cleaner. Don’t forget the vacuum cleaner for last minute cleaning before leaving your apartment!

Extension cords, batteries. Everything's electric these days it seems. Computers, CD-players, your Walkman, all those little gizmos you just can't seem to live without. So it just makes sense to keep that extension cord or pack of new batteries right on top and within easy reach.

Tools. We're talking hammers and screwdrivers, nails and screws, scotch tape, duct tape and especially, a tape measure.

A bottle opener and glasses. Thirst always seems to come first—particularly if you have to lug that stuff to your apartment by yourself. Dehydration is a sneaky beast, so be prepared and keep several bottles of water handy.

Address book or PDA. Keep those important telephone numbers handy.

Light bulbs, a small lamp (perhaps a flashlight). It may be dark when you finally move in. Alarm clock. You might need it!

what to pack last Box cutter. Don't pack this puppy at all! It's the first thing you'll need to open your packages when you arrive at your new apartment!

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